Brand Development Promotion


Business purpose and direction

  • Secure systematical and focused promotion of Busan eomuk processing industry with co-marketing through co-branding, and competency against major companies
  • Improve image and awareness of Busan eomuk through product safety, trust, and gentrification according to the needs of consumers
  • Independency of Busan eomuk’s self brand, increase rate of eomuk production operation of related businesses, establish joint distribution network
  • Basic market research for brand and product development of Busan eomuk
    - Consumer research to find out brand awareness of Busan eomuk, and develop products in synch with the preferences of consumers
    - Eomuk product preference research by age group, gender, and region
  • Production industry of Busan eomuk’s co-brand, BI, and CI
    - Design and produce BI, CI, slogan, and character
    - Grant differentiated image of fine Busan eomuk processed goods using vinyl and paper packaging
  • Application and registration of Busan eomuk trademark and geographical labeling
    - Guarantee industrial and commercial legal rights of Busan eomuk, which is rural product
  • Co-brand and Busan eomuk character
공동브랜드와 부산어묵 캐릭터


Annual promotion strategy


  • Conduct consumer preference research for brand development
    - Execute branding task based on the research, such as consumer’s image and awareness of Busan eomuk
    - Product promotion through five senses, aid product awareness of consumers
    - Reflect customers’ requests through brand awareness research
    - Evaluate consistency of brand strategy, correction status of brand’s core element, level of brand management capacity of manufacturer and manager, designation of roles for manufacturer and business entity for brand management
  • Promotion of specialized agency outsourcing service order for the production of corporations’ BI, CI, slogan, character, etc
  • Busan eomuk geographical collective mark support
    - Business progress supporting of existing propelling entity, and conduct foundation work to establish pivotal status in the future(scope of collective mark use, status of member company participation, etc)


  • Production completion and supplement correction of corporations’ BI, CI, slogan, character, etc
  • Approval of Busan eomuk’s geographical collective mark
    - Host seminar to find utilization method after approval of Busan eomuk’s geographical collective mark
    - Establishment of effect maximization measure through the use of corporations’ geographical collective mark

2016 ~ After 2019

  • Development of packaging design for the sale of subsidiary company’s product
  • Brand promotion and vitalization of corporations and brand of subsidiary company
    - Press release promotion for corporations’ brand and Busan eomuk’s geographical collective mark
    - Promotion of superiority of Busan eomuk for region visiting tourists and sources of demand
    - Reinforcement of image and status as regional indigenous food through cooperation with local government and organization