Chairman’s Greetings


Busan Eomuk Development Corporations actively launches
forth for the higher value added industralization of Busan eomuk.



First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for visiting our website. This site was established as of November, 2015, in the hopes of notifying the objective and purpose of establishment, and activities of Busan Eomuk Development Corporations.

Busan Eomuk Development Corporations is a nonprofit corporation, established in November of 2012, with the participations of industries and academics to provide regional economic development through common profit of raw material suppliers and product manufacturers, and by making Busan eomuk into a specialty product.

From 2014 to 2018, the business, for the higher value added industralization, with the support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Busan Metropolitan City, and Saha-gu, and reputation recovery of Busan eomuk, is being pushed forward.
Along with the opening of Busan port in 1876, Busan eomuk, which was made using the traditional manufacturing method using fresh fish caught from littoral sea of Busan, features differentiated quality and taste as the father of Korea’s fish cake.
Fish cake manufacturing businesses, that manufacture Busan eomuk, aim for diversification and gentrification in their recent products, and are keeping the reputation of Busan eomuk alive, through endless change.

We, Busan Eomuk Development Corporations, seek to carry out the mission of making Busan eomuk famous, not only in regional society and nationwide, but also worldwide by endlessly developing new products, based on the traditional manufacturing method, along with supplying to Busan eomuk manufacturing corporations by building joint live fish meat manufacturing plant, and manufacturing fresh and sanitary fish meat.

Please frequently visit our website in the future and send us lots of encouragements and guidances.